About Us

Tom Saba, founder and president of Creative Concepts, is a “home-grown” Bakersfield native who graduated from CSUB in 1981 with a degree in business and a passion for marketing. He established Creative Concepts, an ad specialty business, in 1989 and has been providing promotional marketing materials both locally and nationally ever since. Saba Agency, a “sister” company to Creative Concepts, was established shortly thereafter and is a full service ad agency, providing marketing, media, print and web both locally and nationally.

From establishing and/or maintaining both online and non-web-based company stores for AERA, Braun Electric and Fleetcard Fuels to creating Kern COG's website and collateral materials; from creating the license plate frames for Houchin Blood Bank to creating a national safety-awareness program for Berry Petroleum—Creative Concepts provides marketing services from A to Z. Included in these services is an extensive array of professional creative ideas, offering website design, service & longevity awards, company stores, safety programs as well as the latest trends in over 700,000 promotional advertising items.

The agency has leapt into the 21st century, realizing the importance of staying on top of current marketing trends in the promotional advertising arena. Creative Concepts continues to remain stable and and is even growing in an ever-challenging economy. Tom attributes much of the success of the company to the staff's extensive expertise in the promotional advertising industry, coupled with customer service—which is the cornerstone of the business. Tom says “We strive to meet each client's unique needs and come up with ideas in service awards and promotional items that will suit them to a tee. We hold weekly team brainstorming sessions and meet with suppliers in the industry on a regular basis, so we are always on top of the latest trends.” He also quickly commends his 12-strong staff members at Creative Concepts and Saba Agency, and says “Our intense sense of 'team' motivates and inspires each of us to success. We have never lost sight of the truly fundamental and simple answers that equal successful, cost-effective marketing. As far as the future, there is excitement and new opportunity at every corner as we continue to not only grow in diversity of services, but diversity of clients.”